Saturday, August 27, 2005

Friday walk

August 27
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wow, did i walk on friday afternoon. i took the afternoon off and had lunch with a buddy. after lunch, we didn't want the talk to end, so we sojourned to the Horse Brass Pub on SE 45th and Belmont. after some excellent beer - Terminal Gravity people - i decided to turn down his offer for a ride and walk home. yes, i walked home from the horse brass. i just did the math (thank you google maps) and my route was 5.8 miles. jimminy christmas.
my walk took me thorugh laurelhurst, laurelhurst park, ne sandy, ne glisan, ne broadway, irvington, irvington park, then north. i saw some amazing homes. laurelhurst and irvington are portland's jewels of old portland architecture. people in these neighborhoods also take care of their homes and yard. one doesn't find random grafitti or trash about.
as i came upon ne 21st and broadway, i turned north and discovered i was walking by the church where i was babtised 35 years ago. haven't been there since.
August 27

in the end, it was sweaty and my feet hurt. i enjoyed the walk and wish i had a few hours everyday to explore the streets of portland. maybe i do and just don't know it. hmmmm. lelo challenged me (in a way) to try and walk all of portland's streets. i wonder if that is possible. i guess i have a few years before i get old to do that. i'll keep you posted.

after returning home and cooling down, we decided to walk down to Lovely Hula Hands off n. mississippi for din din. wow, what an amazing dinner. i chose the burger as i had to do the comparison to higgins/cafe castagna. wow, i was not dissapointed and i have to say - Higgins, you got some competition. the dinner and drinks were superb and the service top notch. if you've never been, get up and go! 25,000 steps friday.

2 comments: said...

first off, props to lelo. i love her.

and then.. congrats on walking and getting out there. ever since i got back online i can't seem to get away from this damn computer screen when i do have free time.

loved the blog. maybe i might just sneak out this afternoon for a bit.

Sloop said...

I used have Boy Scouts meetings at that church when I was 12. Funny old place.