Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A day isn't complete without a unique european SUV

August 16
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the ubiquitous Unimog by Mercedes. i was walking along thinking - I got to get me some photos of me flipping of hummers and the like - and yet, in my walks the past couple of days, i have not seen a hummer anywhere. (well, there was that guy and girl down on the esplanade.....) i digress. i did however come accross this nice Unimog, the ultimate (and somewhat vintage) 4x4 from europe. i have loved these toys since i was a wee lad, so i couln't get myself to flip it off. hopefully, the owner is a liberal free thinking young person who only drove the vehicle into downtown because he is picking up his vw bug (and will put it in the bed.)

the walk home today was great. i picked up a cigar @ cascade cigars on sw 5th (the bus mall.) i don't think i'll go back there as the customer service was a bit lacking. i then proceeded down toward the waterfront via the "entertainment district." i almost ventured into voodoo donut, but then realized i had the cigar. another time perhaps. when i got to the steel bridge, it was up, so i had to wait. it was the first time this had occured on all my walks. interesting....

the remainder of the walk was pretty normal. it was a warm day, so i did get a little schweaty, but oh well.

ps, today i could have clothed 2 people:
August 16August 16

also, there apparantly is a FOOD HOLE downtown. anything with HOLE in the name just seems dirty - and i like it!
August 16

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Sloop said...

Food Hole is a low-budget all ages music venue and is kind of a sister venue of Loveland. There's no stage, a few small speakers, a fridge with cold soda and just enough room for an audience of 20 or so. I saw "The Beauty" there a few weeks ago.