Friday, August 26, 2005

Shorter afternoon walk, but walk nonetheless

August 25
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didn't walk all the way home yesterday afternoon because we had an engagement to attend. i did however walk to the rose garden to pick up max. that's about 4000 steps. my latest route is taking me directly down to the waterfront to walk along the sea wall. why is is called a sea wall when the willamette is a river. hmmm. as i approached the steel bridge, it was clanging and such a the lower span was raised. the picture doesn't show it too well because the black from the ship behind it obscures the lifted span. i love shit like this.
i'm on a grafitti hunt people. i love being able to take a photo of a tag and then email it off to the powers that be. hopefully things will clean up a little.

went to the Dove Lewis event last night and it was great. free drinks, free food, lots of cool dogs, and luminaries. i guess mayor tom potter was there at the beginning, but i missed him. i did get to engage city commissioner Dan Saltzman and say hello. he'll remember me. i know it! the best part was the personal aspect of the whole night. some people told stories of thier animals and experiences and it brought tears to my eyes. all in all, a great night.

Dove lewisDove lewis

ended with sushi @ sushiville on 23rd. yum yum!

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Matt Howl said...

I, for one, love the fact that you're taking on the taggers and are trying to do something to clean up the town. That's righteous.