Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Prolific tagger of the day

August 23
Originally uploaded by dieselboi.
BRAK is today's featured tagger. i meant to photog his work yesterday when i saw the new style sticker grafitti, but just didn't. today, after seeing the first one on n. vancouver just north of the rose garden, i realized i had seen his work before and wanted to document it.

BRAK on the side of a van (sorry if it's faint.) trust me its there.
August 23

BRAK on a cab of a truck outside SLOANS
August 23

and lastly BRAK along side yesterday's art
August 23

Honorable mention today goes to Quinone(SP you decide). seen only on smooth glasslike surfaces:
August 23August 23

be well, do good work.

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Ghost Dog said...

Interesting. Wonder why "Brak" and not "Zorak" or "Metallus"?

You should e-mail them to the guy running the Graffiti Paparazzi blog. Bet he'd love to add them to his collection.