Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday schtuff

August 27
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7.3 miles. that's what google maps says we walked today for lunch. yes. lunch. today was a relaxing day, didn't make any plans or goals or lists of "to dos." in the end, i got a lot accomplished. i'm sitting on my porch, smoking a great cigar, feeling the breeze on this nice cooler august evening looking at the newly painted collumns that support the 2nd story. they are eggplant now. i guess i started yesterday with some sort of goal in mind, but knew if i set myself up with an endpoint, i would be dissapointed if i didn't get there. this morning, with nothing planned for the day, i decided to get back out and do some more painting and lo and behold, all but 2 posts are painted.

[segwey] - nopo popo just drove up and parked accross the street. i wonder what's up? the officer is just sitting there chillin'. i wonder if he's watching me wondering what i'm doing. hmmmm. [end segwey]

in the pearl on our walk, we saw a small group of Segwey owners and thier little toys. they were all hanging out at a cafe. none of them seemed that fit. i guess i shouldn't throw stones, but do you see the irony?

oh, yeh, lunch. we had some excellent sushi at sushiville, our new favorite sushi restaurant up on 23rd. normally i wouldn't venture over there for food as there are some great restaurants on the east side, but it was for the 25000 steps baby.

[officer is leaving]

do you like the photo - we didn't find the sale, but it sounded good. also, not too many abandoned clothes this weekend. did find the mac though.


Rigo said...

That's alot of walking for a lunch break. Too bad you didn't find the sale.

Matt Howl said...

So did the Mac work? I had an SE back in 1990...