Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tanner springs park

Tanner springs park
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In the pearl (john hausman voice.) well, i could have gone to higgins again for lunch, but instead decided to walk. Lo and behold, my walk brought me to the new tanner springs park on nw 10th and marshal. Surrounded by new highrise apartments and condos, it is a nice respite from the parks downtown. Tanner springs park is also its own enclosed ecosystem and sustainable at that. They have natural nw grasses and a flowing stream and a pond you can walk on. The backdrop is made of salvaged railroad line. Excellent use of materials.

I put the pedometer back on today. I realized that without it (past 3 months) i wasn't walking as much as i should and want to.

i love portland!

Tanner Creek Park PortlandTanner Creek Park PortlandTanner Creek Park Portland

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