Thursday, August 11, 2005


my buddy over @ tinymeat hit me up to this hillarious site for those of us who fell the H2 just shouldn't be allowed to roam the same streets as us. Check FUH2.

Further, all week, the morning news shows have been gushing over the latest big truck from International. My god people, when will we learn that we don't need to keep making the vehicles bigger?


frykitty said...

I'm so sad the link is dead...a Portlander did a great little film called "Hummer of Love", where he videotaped himself putting an, er, insulting bumper sticker (I believe it was along the lines of "yes, I do have a tiny penis!") on a parked Hummer.

The kicker? It was parked in front of 24-Hour Fitness in the Pearl, and the owner lived only a few blocks away.

MerchMikey said...

Yeah it really is quite amusing to watch little guys get out of such a huge vehicle. I have the opposite effect going, a 6'8" big guy getting out of a "Tiny" Scion. The best is when I pull up beside a Hummer and the guy next to me has to look over and down at me. He might as well be waving his junk out the window.