Wednesday, August 17, 2005


august 17
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i love seeing livestock in the city. is a goat considered livestock or just a farm animal. today was especially an animal day. i didn't see or interact with any homeless dogs, but i did see this goat, two cute whippets and finally a troubled seagull. down on the waterfront, i eyed a seagull who appeared to have a small fish hanging out of its mouth. upon further inspection, i discovered the fish was a rather large lure that was hooked to its tongue. poor bird.
the walk home was nice. i actually walked during lunch also up to nw portland do get lunch and do some shopping. the weather this week has been perfect. it's still warm, but not blast furnace warm. as I said, i walked home via the waterfront and again over the steel bridge.
as i crossed the bridge, i saw a train on the tracks going north south on the east side. i'm a sucker for stuff like this. just seeing the train and seeing it moving gave me goose bumps. i felt like a child again. also, i was able to admire the amazing grafitti that adorns the boxcars. as i was crossing the bridge over the tracks, a second train came alongside the other train. cool, two trains for the price of.. well, i didn't pay for anything, so it was free. while i was admiring the trains, a guy on a bicycle passed me and on my blind side stopped. before i knew it, he said - "Are you Mr. Kidd?" huh? "Are you Mr. Kidd?" i turned and realized he was a colorful character and stated i am not Mr. Kidd. he kept at it with this look in his eye as if he knew i was Mr. Kidd. it took awhile for him to get it out, but he was referring to Mr. Kidd from the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever. ok, sure, i'll go with it. he was a crazy, but interesting dude on a bike. he freely admitted he live @ home @ 50, but instead of being taken care of by his mother, he now takes care of her. i realized there was a little white lie here, but he wasn't a crazy dude nor was he trying to do anything wierd, so i chatted with him for a few minutes and then we moved on. i think i made his day because, as he stated - "not many people talk to me."
so, i guess i'm Mr. Kidd now. i'm not sure i have the girth and receding hairline to pull that off.

also, three people today guessed i was under 30. i do like that!

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