Wednesday, August 31, 2005

walky walky walky - and a new New Seasons

went on some good walks today. walked to lunch and did a short walk in the afternoon to pick up some new walking shoes. i'm a big fan of Keen footwear and found a pair that fit well and still look good with the work clothes. see, i'm becoming one of those women from the 80's and 90's who wear different shoes on the way to and from work with our work clothes. oh well, i'm old enough and secure enough not to care.
my walk home took me to the pearl (john hausman voice) to pick up a pair of jeans from diesel i was getting hemmed. i love that store. i then ventured through the pearl to the broadway bridge and n. interstate north to n. mississippi and then home. this is actually a shorter walk than my normal walk via n. vancouver. i'm ok with that because i ventured up to the pearl first. i had a cigar on the walk, La Gloria Cubana No. 5. nice!
we had to take our oldest cat to the vet today. she had a swollen paw and it appears she just cut it or something. she's ok, but on some antibiotics.
we ventured up to our newest store in the hood - New Seasons on N. portland and n. interstate. i am soooooo excited to have it in the neighborhood. obviously we walked. our original plan was to not shop, but ended up with a full basket - which ended up in my shoulder bag. it wasn't heavy until the last 100 feet when i passed it off in order to open the front door. (hee hee). the store looks small, but is actually perfect size. needless to say, it was crowded, being opening day and all. i did see some familiar faces - Nieka, a friend from the past, and max guy, a coworker whom i see both on max and in the elevator at work (i don't know his name, but he seems like a nice guy. i'll introduce myself next time i see him.)
New seasons
we also saw the skankiest ho ever on the walk back. we're walking by the crown motel and this chick is standing there in sheer skirt thing and i swear she wasn't wearing any undergarments. she was also all cracked out. yuck!
what are you doing this weekend? we're going to the Lucky Lab on saturday to see some good bands and support dove lewis. 94.7 is sponsering Pet Aid there with crosstide, delorean and some other great portland bands. you can bring dogs too. come have a beer and support a good cause.

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Matt Howl said...

I can't believe no one touched this--you're like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl! (And am I the only one who found a pseudo-empowerment movie about women to be ironically named "Girl" in describing a heroine over 30 years old--whose victory is simply validation by wealthy white males?)

Whatever. That's hot.