Monday, August 15, 2005


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today, i think i could have clothed someone with all the random clothes i saw on my walk home. wow, 3.5 miles home in the afternoon sun. during my walk, i thought about nietche, gore, the 6 day war, time travel, writing, comics, blood flow, possible walking injuries - you know the regular stuff you think about when you are walking alone for 1.5 hours without any outside influences. my phone did go off once and a chucklehead on the other end gave me shit for not drinking with him. oh well, i'll survive. i did try and IM while walking, but no one was online. i love IM-ing from the "smart" phone. in old town, i came upon Dan and Louis' Oyster Bar and really wanted to partake in happy hour, but alas didn't have a partner. it was probably for the best. after crossing the steel bridge, i eyed an indivual weeding a very steep hill just up from the train tracks. it seemed a strange place to weed and he was putting the weeds in a laundry bag. as i watched, wondering if he was doing something untoward, another walker pointed to the other side of the esplanade bridge where there had been a small brushfire. i guess maybe the gardner was actually minimizing future fires. go young man, go.
as i strolled through the rose quarter, they were tearing down from the Dew Fest, a mt. dew sponsored event based on extreme sports. looked pretty cool. too bad i missed it. up n. williams was pretty uneventful. there were some nice people out watering or gardening and they all took the time to say hi. n. williams is sparse when it comes to single family homes, so it's a nice respite to the walk. as i entered my hood (or should i say, the hood i love) i was jones'n for something moist on my tougue. i thought about hitting Amnesia, but then as i approzched n. albina, i decided to go vist my tweaker friend. he was still there, hangin' on his porch and as I walked by, in a very sarcastic voice, i yelled "howdy neighbor." he responded in kind as if i were just another joe. (i was a little put off.) for the best.
i was glad to arrive home. i was hot, sweaty, and in need of shedding of clothing. dinner was great and the evening has been enjoyable. it's cooler now and i know i'll sleep well tonight.

oh, and along my walk, i also saw sweatpants and some socks. the socks were in the river.

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