Monday, August 22, 2005

Clothes clothes clothes

August 21
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abandoned clothes seem so lonely. now, mind you, i'm not going to start picking it up, cleaning it and donating it. that just sounds yucky. we did however find some nice pants today, a coat, some pumps and some good merril walking shoes.
our walk on sunday was excellent. i think i was pretty meloncholly all weekend as a result of some news i recieved @ work on friday. i didn't want it to affect my weekend, but in hindsight, it did. dang work! well, saturday didn't produce much walking, so we had to catch up on sunday. we walked the dogs over to n. killingsworth to get thier nails done and then came home and planned our afternoon adventure. my thought was to somehow incorporate a trip to trader joe's in the walk. with only 2 of them closeby, the options were hollywood or downtown in the pearl. we chose pearl.
we took max into oldtown to begin our walk and wandered up through chinatown, the north park blocks, the pearl, both Jamison Square and Tanner Springs parks, bridgeport brewing on n. marshal and then up to 21st and glisan to trader joes. after filling the bag with goodies, we began the walk home. i think we initially planned on heading back to MAX, but as we got down toward the waterfront, we decided to cross the broadway bridge. once across, the decsion was made- we were walking home!
in the end, it was a great afternoon. the whole adventure took all of 2 1/2 hrs and we managed to get in something like 18000 steps. that's almost 8 miles. the bag did get heavy, but i made it through the pain.
clothes clothes clothes
August 21August 21
August 21August 21

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