Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Walk home

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weee, a new restaurant in the hood. weee. Pix Pattissere is going to open @ N. Williams and N. Failing. happy happy happy. picture brett doing the happy dance will you. next door will be The New Old Lompoc brewery. weeeeee.
i had a good walk home except for a run in with a fricken crazy white trash assclown (see below.) it was a normal path home via SW and NW 4th avenue, down the waterfront, accross the steel bridge and up williams to my hood. even though it was a warm day (actually probably labeled as hot,) i wasn't to uncomfortable in my chinos and tshirt. i was hot, but not miserable. i decided to walk down the waterfront in hopes of finding hungry dogs, but alas no luck. i did find a really nice puppy earlier today who will be happy to eat tonight. as i walked accross the steel bridge, i came accross some grafitti. lately, i've been pretty intrigued by the grafitti i see. i hate most of it as it's ugly and harmful, but there is some that is cool and unique. lately, stencil grafitti has been my fav.
there was some cool stuff on one of the pillars of the bridge, but my camera phone couldn't get the detail. as i cruised up n. williams, i was thinking about my job and life and dogs and family and friends and car and .... and .... and ... and i came to the conclusion that now that i'm of a certain age, i should change something. this isn't a life changing moment, but i do want to begin focusing on something else other than what i've been doing the past few years. not sure what that will be, but hey, who does.
i'll leave you with this - every bit of sidewalk was busy on n. mississippi tonight as they were giving away free ice cream everywhere. it's crazy. and i always like seeing smiling faces young and old. i'll leave you with this:


mawgawrita said...

Loving the pictures guys!! Keep walking and taking pics!

Ghost Dog said...

Heh...your 'Moment of Zen'.

That stencil-thingy looks kinda like Domo-Kun.

LeLo in NoPo said...

I love me some PIx, that's for sure. I had heard that their North Portland site would be all about the chocolate laboratory, and staff will wear white medical jackets, beakers, etc. Don't know if that's still the case, but either way, you know it's going to be cool.