Monday, August 15, 2005

Por Que No - Yummy

Por Que No
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hungry? want a nice taco? head over to n. mississippi, just about 500ft north of n. fremont and you'll find Por Que No. por que no is a taqueria and it's as simple as that. the menu consists of 6 different types of tacos - beef, chicken and fish. the pescado tacos are amazing with just the right ingrediant and peparation. normally when i have ordered fish tacos, they arrive with soggy soft tortillas, so when you pick them up, it's a mess. at por que no, the tortilla was firm, but not dry. further, the white sauce normally served with fish tacos was there, but not overwhelming and not indiscriminently mixed in with the shredded cabbage. the cabbage here was fresh and shredded and was just the right amount. next, there was a sprinkling of cilantro and last but not least, some mango. yes, mango on a fish taco. at first, i was taken aback, but it was such a great mix of flavors, i devoured it all. needless to say, my eating partner's tacos didn't come out as ordered, so i got hers too while she got new ones to order.
Por Que No is open 6 days a week - Monday through Saturday. the owner Brian is a great guy and will welcome you with open arms. the restaurant serves beer and other beverages and the prices are extremely reasonable.
i'm excited to welcome them to the hood.

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PDXFoodDude said...

Actually mango is very common on fish tacos. I took your lead and ate there several times this week. Liked it a lot too. Thanks for suggesting it.