Monday, July 04, 2005

Sleepy tired

Sleepy tired
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me. Tired. Sitting in chicago. Not done with travel yet.

weekend was fab. The party was great and there were so many people there i think i got introduced to some a few times. Joel put together an amazing fireworks show. Picture 7 people carrying suitcase size boxes of fireworks out to the dock in procession and making a few trips at that. It took them a couple of hours to hook everything together and then we lit the fuse. Everything went off at once in a barrage if super missiles and roman candles. Better than any municipal show i've seen in awhile.

The food was better than your regular catered affair, but the good stuff arrived a couple hours later in the form of 40 fresh cooked freshly caught crabs. Did i mention we were on hood canal? Mmmmm crab!!!!!!

I feel we partied well, but i didn't go overboard, so the next morn, i was just tired, not hungover. General consensus was good time had by all.

Well, it's 5am and I have to get ready for planing (opposite of deplaning?) frodo says hi and if the above photo says anything, he is interested in water to some extent.

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