Monday, July 11, 2005


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Wow. Tinymeat is a crazy dude. We are having a great time with m and b in the NE. Montreal was amazing .

Today we drove back into the US and got stipped searched and held for 18 hours because i had bought a bottle opener in CA. Not! Seriously, what an easy border to cross.

Back to our current world. We had a great dinner at River Run in plainfield vt. Amazing southern fried trout and catfish and hush puppies and fried pickles. We then retired back to tinymeat's house for drinks and great convo.

In the end, our trip was great. There were challenges which we will get into later, but overall, it was great.

Good night from vermont.

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MerchMikey said...

Yeah challenges is an understatement.
I told you I was a newbie at the whole bottom thing. Next time more lube please.