Friday, July 22, 2005

more on Neil Gaiman

i know, i should be out walking, but alas, i'm chained to my desk. neil gaiman has a new book coming out and will be in our fair city in October.

Monday, October 3 7:30 PM PDT
At First Congregational Church
1126 S.W. Park Ave.
Portland, OR

we should all go and show him that portland is cool and loves him!

so, i'm bad. i have that huge burlap sack of dogfood samples at home and haven't put any in my bag for walking. i saw a little pup today with a homeless kid and my heart melted wondering if the pup was getting enough to eat. so, the moment i get home, i'm going to pack my bag full of samples to bring to work next week and hand out.

other - did anyone hear the thunder? i sleep with thunder and lightning in order to keep the little buggers from barking at every little sound the cats make during the night, so when i was awakened by the real thunder last night, i thought to myself - wow, i have that turned up too loud. alas, when i heard the real thunder again and noticed the windows rattling a bit, i knew i wasn't dreaming. sometimes i wish we got that more. in montreal, the night we met Gale Harold, we were sitting on a pedestrian street outside the restaurant and to the E, there was a continuous roll of thunder that would crescendo and then decrescendo the entire night. i was amazed by that.

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