Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hung Far Low RIP

Hung Far Low RIP
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I tried to go to hung far low last night for one last time before it closed and moved out to SE 82nd. I was saddened to arrive and the doors were locked. I guess they are already closed. Well, i guess my last visit with a was our goodbye. I will miss the uber dark bhudda bar lit only by deep burgendy candle holders. I will miss the strong drinks. I will miss the best pan fried noodles in town. I will miss the sign, a bastion of old town and china town that is becoming more and more clean.

Fare the well HFL. You will be missed by all.

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Andy said...

I hope no one takes the initiative to fix the signs wear and tear. Adding to the masterpiece of it all is the off-canter cocktails note.

Sofia said...

There is a Re-Erect Hung Far Low campaign at http://www.ReErectHungFarLow.com