Monday, February 14, 2005

Customs house

customs house
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Happy Valentine's day. Today, I didn't get in as much walking as preferred as I had to get home to make a nice dinner for my love. My evening walk took me to Whole Foods in the Pearl (pronounced the peaaarlllllll.) On the way, I saw some great architecture. One building had a fish swimming through, another had what looked like little birdhouses incorporated into the architecture. One building I've always loved has a top floor/roof that reminds me of France. Not sure why, but I want to live up there. After Whole Foods, I ventured down to the North Park blocks where I found my buddy the elephant. n park elephantI love this sculpture and if I were a kid, I would have attempted to climb it. Then on to the picture highlighted today. The U.S. Customs House. Currently vacated, it was the primary location for customs, the INS and Federal Courthouse. A close friend spent many an hour here working through his quest to stay in America. It's cathartic to think this may become a boutique hotel.
During my walk, I came accross some abandoned shoes. random shoesSince Christmas, I've come accross gloves, scarves, shoes, pants etc. I keep wondering, if I would have picked them all up, would I have a new wardrobe? Hmmm.
reminds me of franceReminds me of France
cool bldg in swGotta love old architecture.
the fish at southparkFish swimming through building.

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CC Baxter said...

Great Blog (especially for a Portlander who likes to walk, but currently is located elsewhere for work).

Keep it up.