Sunday, February 20, 2005

Walking? yes and no.

new light in landing
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I haven't been out walking our great city for awhile. Not sure why, just life has decided I needed to do some other tasks. One of those tasks did keep me moving - installing the lights/lamps in our master bedroom. This is a project we've been working on for over a year or two and this past week/weekend, I installed and powered up the new lights. They look wonderful.
We did some estate sales. I got the bug to get back to the estate sales from Scott @ Ohdog. We used to be very dilligent about getting up dirt early, grabbing grub and hitting the sale line @ 8am and waiting for numbers. If you're not an estate saler, you probably don't understand that. DON'T SEEK IT OUT!
Our sale experience was sub-par. First place introduced us to the dealer disquised as an estate sale. Further, one of the sellers offered me a piece of cold pizza for $1.25. (shivvers). Second sale was just as opposite - this one had more people working the sale than actually coming to buy. I ran into the same employees in every room as if I was being stalked by them. I did get some treasures during our trip, but nothing extraordinary. estate sale treasures
Sunday took us to an antique fair where I got the sudden bug to seek out old postcards, maps, manuals etc that reference portland. Thanks Stumptown Confidential and the site about History of Portland through Postcards. Alas, I didn't have the time to go through all the cards, but did find some treasures. And, we walked a ton.
Lastly, I came accross some strange games - All In the Family board game - what the hell? Six Million Dollar Man - a little mor plausible.
all in the family game six million dollar man game
What would be available today?
24, the board game - you too can be a super cool spy with extremely bad luck. .
Fear Factor - come eat bugs and racoon poop with us.
Desparate Housewives - get together with your neighors and swap - well, swap whatever.
Alias - everyone has the change thier clothes every 3 minutes - and someone needs to be half naked.

This coming week I plan on doing some serious walking. The weather has been amazing, so I want to take advantage. I'm hoping to figure out some new routes home.

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S said...

That's an awesome, kind of freaky photo of the vintage lamp. I think I might see an aura of a ghost, you know, cuz I'm sensitive to that kind of stuff & all.