Thursday, February 24, 2005

Portland in Summer

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Oh, I mean spring. Oh, I mean winter. Yes, 33 deg @ 6am and 63 deg @ 3pm. Wow, 30 deg change in 9 hrs. I feel like I'm in a different climate. This view is down broadway with the sun.
Today was an uneventful day. Not much to report. I did do some walking and some photoging. It all started out this morning with photos of the drug bust a block away from my home. This locale, an apartment has always been on my list of suspects. It all began when I saw the first webcam in the window. Hmmm. When the webcam was upgraded and then moved to the eve, the wonders grew. This morning at around 8am, I came accross two officers and what appeared to be a hazmat grew. Someone was getting arrested and the officers had thick rubber gloves and masks on. So, meth? other?

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