Monday, February 14, 2005

NorthStar Ballroom

Originally uploaded by Brett Burmeister.
Anna and I went for a great walk to take care of some errands Sunday. Our walk took us up Albina past PCC Cascade to Ainsworth. At the corner of N. Ainsworth and N. Albina, there is Peninsula park, one of Portland's large rose gardens. Check it out for excellent rose varieties. If you don't know, Portland is known as the Rose City.... As we walked down Ainsworth, we kept saying - hmmm, I don't remember that house. Yes, we came accross some amazing houses with some beautiful architecture. MMMMM yummy houses.... We ended up @ Safeway to get concert tickets which were sold out and then proceeded home via MLK and then Killingsworth. Off Killingswork by PCC, we came accross the NorthStar Ballroom. A gem in N. Portland. I've always wished to celebrate something there - maybe the next Brettenium.
Oh, and we had the pups too. Look closely and you'll see Anna and the pups.

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