Tuesday, February 22, 2005

what not to do during lunch

not during lunch
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walking out of the office, first admiring the nakek sculpture and thinking - should i photgraph it - no - then I hear the crunch of metal and steel and see people pause and turn around. an accident. not your normal run of the mill accident, but someone who was stumbling and ran into a post in front of no less than 5 police officers. if you are going to crash, don't do it in front of the courthouse.
I was on my way out to do some walking around downtown and some documenting of pdx life when I paused and photoged the crash. I proceeded down the street laughing, thinking of how I would blog about this. I then came accross the University Club, one of Portland's oldest private members only clubs.
university club
Opened in the 1890's, it has become an exclusive locale for Portlands entrepreneurs and elite. I'm not dissing this locale. I would mind to partake in the offerings. Also, those of power don't allow cell phones: no cell phone
Next to the University Club is a wonderful apartment building. I would love to film a movie or write a book about this place:
cool building
Next up, another veiw into Portland art and architecture. This building offers a wonderful mural. The Oregon Historical Society is housed in this building.
building mural
Lastly, we ended the evening catching the end of American Idol. We're scared about what we see.
is she
is she? is she grabbing something? wow, with the latest crackdown on anything not morally sound, I am surprised this wasn't fuzzed out. she is, isn't she?

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