Friday, February 18, 2005

Dan and Louis Oyster Bar


Eating out at the local oyster bar. I know, I know, the picture doesn't do the place justice. On our way out tonight, I saw the sign with a 1907 date on it. WOW, that's an old restaurant. We had a wonderful time. We had a craving for some crab and fish, so tried something new. The restaurant felt like we were in the hold of a ship - in a positive way. The decor was a mix between wood and mounted plates and old photos of Portland. Our food was great, especially the Oysters on the half shell. MMM MMM MMMMMMM.
After din din, we headed back to the Doug Fir - did I say I liked this place yet? If not..... Well, we showed up for our free show with SuckaPunch and Subtle, two hip-hop/electronica groups. It was great to hear that music in the Doug Fir's venue. I loved the people watching the most. We're talking about a band that mainstreem America would call RAP and Portland showed up as hipsters, college frat boys, a few punks, a few bike nazis, a few boomers - typical Portland crowd. I love it. And the band was great. Did I mention I love the Doug Fir?


schlockstar said...

The Subtle show was free?! Rats.
Here's a cool vid of them

Dig the blog, too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I should say that photo does not do the experience justice... I was there, I don't really understand what that photo is all about! Vive les oysters!