Monday, February 28, 2005


chinese buffet. what does that sound like to you? buffet. anything? well, i am not usually a fan of buffets as they are either overly expensive - i.e. mother's day/easter - or they just plain suck. lately, my buddy over @ has suggested some wonderful restaurants. his motivation is locale and decor, whereas mine is food. now, i feel i have high standards, but sometimes, i color outside the lines. for the past few weeks, i've patronized the golden dragon, an interesting buffet on sw 4th. it's one of those places that is old school - you enter on ground level, but need to walk up narrow stairs to the restaurant on the 2nd floor. this specific buffet is $5 and offers a ton of options. if you're on a diet or are concious about your eating, DO NOT GO! oh, and if you have issues with deep fried fat, salt, freak shows, meat, cleanliness, cockroaches, and the general lack of quality, don't go. I LOVE IT! I enjoy showing up in my work clothes - shirt, slacks, shoulder bag - filling up a plate and sitting in a booth. everyone around me is the same - wondering who is this - why is he here? he could go anywhere. needless to say, this isn't a locale i would take my friends to. too bad. also, i gotta watch it or i will end up like the obese woman who took up a whole booth and had 6-8 empty plates at her table. it was hard not to take a photo.

Back to Portland. Awhile back, I mentioned Lownsdale. Well, soon, I will have some more info. tc.

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superinkygirl said...

Sounds scary, yet oddly delightful.