Monday, February 07, 2005


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I've always been fascinated by buildings. Maybe I should have become an architect or demolition guy. hmmmmm. I decided to take my walk home today via the Hawthorne bridge, into central SE, over to Rejuvenation, up MLK, over on Lloyd, up N. Williams, left on Fremont, right on Mississippi and them home via Skidmore.....
So, old buildings. As I crossed the bridge to SE Portland, I began to ruminize about the oldish buildings in the inner SE industrial zone. This area seems to have been ignored by most of the City for the past 20 yrs. It's industrial and has a lot to offer, but sometimes ignored. From the Hawthorne Bridge, one of Portland's oldest @ 94yrs, one proceeds on elevated roadways until they reach MLK where it decends down to "street" level. These elevated roads cut through this SE industrial neighborhood, but not smoothly. There are a few buildings that show the aesthetic that once was. Buildings that are cool, architecturally significant, and now shunned. Once again, I never noticed these building when driving at street level under the viaducts, nor when heading downtown via Hawthorne or coming back via Hawthorne. I love walking.
cool building1 cool bldg2
Once I crossed over into SE, I ventured up to Rejuvenation to pick up some lighing fixture accessories. Next was the walk up MLK. What a colorful street. There is some amazing architecture - Rose and Raindrop, East Bank Saloon, K something furnature store, etc. Once I got to the convo center and then into NoPo, I was back in my old stomping grounds. Nothing new to report there.
Another day, another walk. I love it. My pedo says 10,001, yet in past days, a walk like this usually generates 16-19,000 steps. I think my pedo is wrong.
Hawthorne Bridge today: hawthorne bridge
Lastly, next time you get into an accident and trash your headlighs, just wire up a flashlight. Picture(4).jpg

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