Wednesday, February 09, 2005

don't jump! don't

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it may be too late for that.....

I love public art. This sculpture is atop Star-E-Rose cafe on NE Alberta. Tuesday's walk took me up there via the #9 bus in order to get to Healthy Pets NW for dog food. We were under the impression they closed at 5pm, but they are actually open until 7. Anna couldn't make the store visit, so I volunteered. Can't let the little ones go hungry. I started my walk around 27th and NE Alberta. Nothing much new to report other than a few of the older buildings being renovated and re-purposed (is that a word?) This is much more fun than tearing down the old and building something new. Which brings me to today's discussion point - what's up with sheet metal. I'm all for redevelopment, growth, change etc. I love it. I love the Pearl, Mississippi ave, NW, S. Waterfront- etc. It has to be done well, but I'm all for it.
NE Alberta began as a group of art galleries who found inexpensive rent/lease/own situations in an area where gang violence was the norm. NE Portland 10 years ago was a mess. It took a few brave souls and some tenacity to stick it out. Now NE Alberta is known as the Alberta Arts District. There are children's stores, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, gardening stores, clothing stores and salons. Every last Thursday of the month they open it all up and have an art fair. I love it. In the past 8 years, most small businesses (no Starbuck's or GAP) have re-done existing buildings keeping the general cozy feeling of the street. The past three years has brought a few new buildings - completely new architecture, style and color. In the last year, two or three buildings have shown up with garish severe lines and bright orange colors and sheet metal siding. Wow! Where does this style come from? I don't want it to sound like I don't like it, I actually do, yet what is the purpose of putting us such a modern building with a modern style amongst these older cozy buildings. Maybe someone has a thought.
development2 development

Oh, and let's not forget what I would like for my birthday: truck

Some perspective re: starting picture: vintage alberta

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Miles said...

I love your pictures... you and I have walked down many of the same streets and seen some of the same sights... I've listed you on my page now.