Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Danmore Hotel sign

Danmore Hotel sign
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Today was a great day - 60 in February. All I can say is this:
November - Bushy elected
November - locusts in Israel
December - snow in United Emerites
December - Tsunami
January - California floods
February - Iran earthquake
February - California floods
February - Amazing weather in Portland
So, today, I discovered that the park closest to my office - accross from the Multnomah county courthose is named after Henry Lownsdale, a founder of Portland. Now, I know Portland History, but had never heard of Mr. Lownsdale. I am currently doing some more research on Mr. Lownsdale, so I'll post that a little later. Needless to say, he owned Portland at one time. Chew on that for awhile.
My walk home took me toward the Pearl (John Hausman voice). I needed to hit Whole Foods for some grub. As I was walking and thinking about what to photog, I came upon the Danmoore Hotel. Old; decrepit; run down - probably not the type of hotel you'd find on Expedia. Not that that's bad. It has a place in this world and probably a wonderful history. I am most intrigued by the sign. Probably the original sign from when the hotel opened. This got me to thinking - let's photog old hotel signs like those in my hood down Interstate.
Kent Hotel sign
Once I hit the store and moved on, it was a wonderful walk through the Pearl and down to the park blocks and then over the Steel Bridge. Just before the bridge, I eyed this cool old building -probably an old firestation or the like. It appears to be abandoned and is on city land according to tax records. I think because of it's locale, it would be a cool club/restaurant/bar. Out of the way. One could have secret maps on how to park and building west steel bridge
Once accross the river I came accross something I saw a few weeks ago that just pissed me off. Directly accross from the Coleseum and Rose Garden is an old hotel - the old location of Mucho Grande, the home of the largest margarita. Well, now it is being used to house workers for Central City Concern, one of Portland's support organizations for the homeless. Mind you, I dont' want to disparage the homeless or Portland's efforts to assist them and find them jobs, yet when you take a prime local like this hotel and use it for housing, that is the wrong decision. Portland already has issues with attracting marquee conventions even though we have a great convention center because we do not have enough hotel rooms in the city. Further, would you stay in any of the hotels on the east side by the rose garden or convention center? I wouldn't. They all seem so old and cheap and a little white trash. If Portland owns this location, they should tear it down and rebuild. They could probably pay for it by charging $9 for parking during events (the rose garden charges $10 and is always full.)
misused hotel
The sign on the side states that it is the Rose Quarter Work Force Housing Center.
Tonight we're off to see Climber and Bettie Seeveert @ the Doug Fir.

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