Friday, February 18, 2005

Quiet week

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Well, the three day weekend is upon us, so naturally we need to go out on Friday night. I remember college when we would find reasons to party -
new girlfriend- party
flunk test - party (because your depressed.)
pass test - party (celebratory)
some sports team wins - party (just because)
holiday - party
friends party - party!
you get the picture.
Tonight, we started of at the wonderful Doug Fir Lounge in LoBu. A small aside - the Portland Tribune refered to the Lower Burnside area as LoBo instead of LoBu. I love the Doug Fir, I love the atmosphere, the drinks, the deco, the attitude, the shows, the free shows and the non-smoking. Tonight @ 5:15, we met for happy hr and it was packed. Alas, we decided we didn't want to stand, so we migrated over to the Galaxy, another wonderful Puddletown locale. The Galaxy offered strong drinks and a quiet atmoshere. We're on our way to the next locale as I write this - I'll blog from the road - is that nerdy?

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