Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Almost famous...

or almost arrested. today i did something that may have gotten me in trouble with "the man." i felt at the time it was the noble thing to do, but i'll let you decide. as you know, i walk and i walk a lot around downtown. lately, there have been numerous stories and reports about Portland's finest handing out jaywalking tickets. wow, they don't have the resources to arrest the kids who beat up my neigbor, but they can track down businessmen and women and give them jaywalking tickets. i digress.... well, today, i walked up to the post office on SW broadway and was minding the walk/don't walk signs. by the micky d's on sw 6th and main i stopped for the don't walk sign and did some obervationizing. accross the street was a blind man whom stopped also for the don't walk sign. i began to wonder - how will he know then to walk? just before the sign changed, a woman walked up next to him and when the sign changed, she proceeded and he did also. at that moment, i proceeded accross the intersection also. i then saw the BMW turning into us. I was about 1/4 way through the intersection and the car was coming toward me! in my new fervor for walking, i stopped suddenly and confronted the car and owner, yelling, THIS IS A CROSSWALK! THIS IS A CROSSWALK! the blue har paused for a second and then began to maneuver around me. it was then that i broke and turned, looked her in the face and pounded on the window yelling forcefully - YOU ALMOST RAN OVER A BLIND MAN! she took off at that point. i was so angry i was shaking. now, mind you, i'm not a small man. i probably scared the living shit out of the west hills living, bmw driving, crosswalk crossing blue hair that she was immediately on 911 calling for backup.
i proceeded into the post office and dropped off my package. if you're a driver out there, i am not your enemy. trust me, if you hit him, i will go down and probably be injured as 2000+ of metal is bigger than bretty. don't get me wrong, i'm not a "walk nazi" like some of those bike people. i drive too. i'm just going to be a bit more aggressive when someone pushes me.
final statement removed per google's request - ever read george orwell?.


Jeremy said...

I walk downtown and back everyday as well. I always wish my route was lined with bricks for easy lobbing at assholes. I mean, there's rarely any problems, but when there is - there is never anything heavy to be found to chuck through a windshield.

Matt said...

Nice job, I say. You're just increasing the awareness of drivers who need to watch out for pedestrians. Otherwise, we'll be like LA or San Diego where drivers pilot their cars like maniacs.