Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Mississippi commons Bridge City Comics

today was a good day for walking. not neccessarily a good day for work, but i'll chat about that later. if when reading this something doesn't make sense, accept that the C key on the laptop isn't working well. i decided to walk up to see my buddy the Red Ball in The Pearl (john hausman voice.) i had a smile on my face, i was chatting with my mum on the phone, it was not raining- what else coule one ask for. i did discover i missed my nephews birthday - bad brett!

after the red ball, the pearl, lunch and a few more hours @ work, i met with my buddy to grab some munchies and drink. i recently watched Sideways and am a sucker for good wine. Jakey and i ended up @ Gotham Tavern, a new locale on N. Interstate and N. Borthwick. Wow, a great place. After a couple glasses of wine and some great conversation with the bartender, we were sold. we'll be back again. mmmmmm yummy pinot noir.
after wine, i had to hit the comic store. jakey dropped me off @ bridge city comics where i picked up Sin City #3 graphic novel and Y the last man graphic novels. i then proceeded to chat with michael and cameron for about 40 minutes. i'm likin' growing this relationship with the comic store owners. weeeee.
i then proceeded to Lorenzo's to grab some takeout and then home.
along the way, i couldn't help by photog the Star Wars display @ Sunlan Lighting. someone put some extra work on putting these lego creations together. well done.
star wars @ sun lan lighting

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