Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Red Ball 2005

red ball 20052
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Welcome to Portland Red Ball. Yesterday you visited City Hall and I waved, but you didn't wave back. I chose then not to photograph you because you may have been feeling a bit nervous out in the open as you were. I told all my friends about you - how your color was vibrant and you smiled and didn't mind the rain. Granted, you were under cover the first day in town also. When I heard you were going to be down the street, I had to come by again and say hi and see if you wanted a coffee. Alas, there were others about and I felt a bit shy about chatting you up. You look like you lost weight. I'm glad. It did look a bit cramped in there. Hopefully no one came by asking for a smoke. I'm not sure where you would put them if you had them.
I just read in the interweb that you are still in town. Excellent! I am going to be out tomorrow walking, maybe we can run into each other and chat. Love you Red Ball, you are so red...
BTW, bo is singing Freebird!
red ball 2005

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Superinkygirl said...

Will you get me the Big Red Ball? I like it. I want it.