Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Big ups to my cuz.

I have a cousin - Christina - who is celebrating a wonderful night tonight. According to what I know, she is a producer on Knievel's Wild Ride which premiers tonight on A&E. I'm excited. I didn't grow up with my 1st cousins as they all lived in the midwest. I grew up with my 2nd cousins who grew up in Dallas OR and Cottage Grove. Christina's family is close to my heart as they always included our family in thier holiday celebrations. Further, Christina's dad was the first to offer skeet shooting after Christmas dinner. (my sis was the best shot that day) Also, Christina's mother carries on some old world traditions (Lefsa) when it comes to family get togethers. I'm soo excited for Chrissi and congratulations from our side of the family.

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schlockstar said...

Mmmmmmm......lefsa. With sugar even.