Saturday, April 23, 2005

Brett tars Yankees - briefly.....

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yup, i tarred the yankees. me...brett..tar....yankees.....

today was a little depressing, but also some fun. the day began with the belief that there would be sun. yesterday it was 70 or so. today, the dogs woke up to overcast. i thought it would burn off, so i ventured off to home despot to pick up supplies for the day's outdoor adventures. 1 hr later upon return home, i was greeted by a contant rain. i tried to do some work outside - re-nailing and securing facia trim to the porch posts - but the rain started coming in sideways and that just got me wet. and as you know, i melt when i get wet.
after walking around the house for about an hour trying to figure out what to do next, i decided to grab some lunch and do some shopping. had to get crab for evening dinner. also some wine. McGinn's helped me out. i love talking to a wine guy and saying - i need a "cleaning out the basement" wine and he knows just what to recommend. i also picked up my new fav - Vinzena - yum.
ok, so back home - have i accomplished anything today? so, i decided to take a nap with the pups and then head to the basement to do some clean up and organizing.
love bug came home from her venture around 6 and we had wonderful crab and wine for din din. i then proceeded back down into the dungeon - the basement - to continue work. cutie came and joined me and we had a fun hour or two listening to some cool music and going through boxes of schtuff. there were boxes of reciepts from 1998 and bank statements from our teenage years. there were boxes of books that we read in 2001 and have never seen since. then came the boxes of childhood photos and memories for both of us. in one of my boxes, i came accross the above news clipping. i don't have a date, but i fully remember the season.
back in the day - 80's for sure - George Brett and the Kansas City Royals were at the top of thier game. since George and I share a common name, i naturally became his biggest fan. it didn't hurt that he was at the peak of his career and had a batting average of 4.00 or something (like i know what that means....) the local rag - the boregonian - did a wonderful job of reporting Brett's accomplishments and i cut out and filed any and all news clippings related to mr. Brett. he even had his own section - the Brett Report- or something like that - that tracked his batting. I remember how excited i felt because my name was in the paper and in headlines daily for the whole season. i don't know what happened to my whole file of articles, but i'm glad i found the above clipping as my buddy jaek is a yankees fan.
we also discovered that we have $165.oo in change in our laundry jar.
hopefully tomorrow the rain will subside enough for us to venture out with the dogs. i gotta get some walking in this weekend. granted, i did do some walking around the house - for a total today of 9245 steps. well done!
propers to Gravy for breakfast, The Doug Fir for lunch and Newman's Fish Market for din din. Also jim beam for late evening schpronk.

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