Tuesday, April 19, 2005

De Sun! De Sun!

ala "da plane, da plane" from Fantasy Island. i was so excited to have some dry weather, i cut my beer drinking down yesterday afternoon to just 1 pitcher with jaek. i got out in the yard and mowed. now, mind you, i am not a lawn guy. if i had my druthers, it would all be plants and barkdust and rock. no grass! but, i haven't done that yet, so i have to keep mowing. i have a first generation electric mower with a blade that hasn't been replaced since purchase. we got it at an estate sale for $7. it works just fine for my needs. once finished mowing, i decided to start ripping out some grass to build a path. bad idea. i got about 30% done and realized i didn't want to do it that night. you'll probably see me working on that next in june as i will go out there every evening and see my half-assed unplanned work and moan and go do something else.
with the change in weather this week, i'm going to try and accomplish the following:
prime and paint my remodeled soffits and re-install the gutters.
clean up the driveway
clean up the scooter and evaluate if it's salvagable for summer fun (5th spring i've done that)
install bamboo screen on front porch
lay plastic/weed barrier in back so fennell and rasberry don't take over.

that's probably enough for this week. i understand it is supposed to begin raining again on saturday, so we'll see what transpires. i am going to get out this week and do some walking. i miss the walks home the most.

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