Sunday, April 03, 2005

NoPo and comments on the rain

ok, so we had a guest in town for the weekend from up north. as good nopo-ers we took her down mississippi to show off our hood. weeeeee. i am the first to say - I LOVE N. MISSISSIPPI in PORTLAND OREGON!!!!! we began our walk looking for lunch and cruised all the way down to Mississippi commons, the newest rework on the street. I have noted about the building lately. we had lunch @ lorenzo's - yum! then we walked over to Bridge City Comics to welcome them to the neighborhood. it turns out the owners and us have mutual friends @ Dark Horse. WOW, portland is a small town. The locale is great. Michael, the owner set it up to be very open and welcoming. Also, being a former employee of the biz, he has a great insight into what's out there. we picked up some Sandman, 100 Bullets and a new one about Sarejevo during the siege. I'm excited about the new store and the prospects of building a freindship with the owners. we also checked out Blue Gardenia, a new coffee shop and bakery - yum.

so, my brother hipped me to fishing awhile ago. yes, i am now excited about weekends because of the possibility of fishing. just last week, we had some family caught sturgeon for din din. last time we were out - in early march - i was commenting on how i was loving our winter - sun, dry, warm etc. he countered with the statement - would you like this winter or would you like to catch fish? not sure how much science is behind this- my brother proffered that without the rain, the rivers did not have the fresh water they needed to support fish. in essence, the water was stagnant. i can see how that would happen. also, the water was colder than normal as a result of no fresh water - i.e. rain. whether my bro is right or not isn't the point. my point is he saw the value of rain as an environmental issue - well done. well, the rain came and it hasn't stopped. argh. i began some outside projects a few weeks ago assuming the rain season had come and gone. now, i am wet as a result of that. and it looks like it is going to rain this week toooooo......

what do i do? part of me is fine with accepting the rain and chilling inside, watching movies, doing laundry, etc. another part of me is antsy about getting out and doing something. i think i may just say fuck it and go outside and get wet to accomplish my task. here is what's on deck: planting gladiola bulbs, mow, weed, create walking paths, install soffits in mudroom, install new trim on mudroom, re-attach gutters - see where i'm going? argh - toooooo much to doooooo.

well, late night ramblings finished. thanks.
also, pour a 40 for the pope - godspeed good man.

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