Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cherry brandy from cuba?

cherry brandy from cuba?
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Good evening all. didn't do much walking this weekend- bad me. we did have some fun with our new friends from the comic book store and enjoyed some great wine.
Regarding the bottle to my right...a few years back, 7 or so, we used to hit estate sales weekly. we came accross one in ne portland and while purchasing some bar items, the purveyor of the sale approached us offering access to the liquor cabinet after hours. upon our return, the cabinet doors opened and we were offered everything from about 30-50 years of alcoholism. we aquired the following:
1 bottle Paul Mason Champagne from the 70's - turned out bad.
1 bottle French Wine from the 70's - still awaiting opening.
2 decanters of whiskey with tax stamps from the 30's/40's - opened quickly after purchase and consumed.
1 heart shaped bottle of sherry - passed on to friend.
2 bottles of Hennessey Cognac - passed on to friends.
1 bottle of Cherry Brandy - to the right - silver leafed with a lable on the back stating a physical store address in Cuba - tax stamp of 1958.

We still have the Cherry Brandy and I haven't ever really done any research on what it is, where it's from, etc? I've always thought of taking it to antique's roadshow, but then ignored that thought. Anyone out there in internetland knwo what this is? Any thoughts on where to find more information on it?

Why do I post this now? Lately, we have enjoyed some amazing wine. We have some bottles of wine that we've had since our marriage and I wonder if they've peaked and should we finally open them and enjoy them. Same with this Cherry Brandy - should we go ahead and open it and enjoy it? Should we indulge?

It appears the rain may subside this week. Pray for sun.


Tricktickler Villi Flow said...

Uh, did someone let "Sideways" get under their skin much?

whorebaggery said...

Cherry Brandy. y u m m y

let's party.

wanna hit it?