Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Red Ball Project NW Portland

red ball project portland 1
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Red Ball, oh Red Ball. I am so glad to see you this nice dry day. the rain held off until i was able to get up to NW 14th and Glisan. i'm so glad you decided to stay in Portland overnight. Where did you stay? Doug Fir? Mallory?
M.S. Glass. i'm surprised you chose this locale for our meeting. also, who invited these yahoos? when i arrived, i wasn't able to be alone with you and chill. i really wanted to go over that new business plan we put together..i mean I put together. like yesterday, you looked a bit cramped. i'm excited to have met your "father." he's pretty cool and maybe we can get to know each other better tomorrow or friday.
I also enjoyed the walk to The Pearl (john hausman voice.)
red ball project portland 4red ball project portland 2

More to come from the treo.

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kirsten said...

i think we were at the red ball at the same time, or close. my photos are on flickr. hmmm....