Friday, April 01, 2005

Walk down to the POD

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Over on, blog always writes about "the Pod." The Pod is a parking lot on SW 5th ave that has been turned into an outside food court with numerous food options. All of the food is servered from carts or winnies or the back of trucks. My favorite of the restaurants is Tabor - a Czech locale. They have some amazing food. I've tried the goulash and the Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich. The sandwich is amazing. It's a healthy chicken breast that is lightly breaded - ala schnitzel - with romaine lettus, paprika spread and another topping all between a fresh roll. You gotta try it. The rest of my lunch took me walking around puddletown and down to some galleries on 1st ave - Attic Gallery is pretty cool. Then over to Stumptown for a latte.

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