Tuesday, April 05, 2005

reminds me of france

reminds me of france
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have i already shown you this? i was walking at lunch today down 10th and pointed this building out to my walking buddy- julie. i mentioned that this building's copper roof and top floor remind me of something out of france.
Petra, a lonly prostitute, works the streets of old town between 7 pm and 3am. Her tricks allow her to pay off the security in this building and get to the stairwell which allows her to squat on the top floor along with other excentric transients. Most of them have late night responsibilites, so they use the space for sleep and safety during the daytime. At night, it becomes a pseudo commune. One man in 13b owns a guitar and a woman in 23f has a keyboard. Together they create the most amazing music- mostly show tunes which the others know and join in. Petra's piece de resistance is a tune from Les Miserables that she sung in grammer school as a young child..........
who knew?
i digres.......

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Peterdope said...

Reminds me more of Benelex.