Saturday, April 09, 2005

Asian super costco

asian costco
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Uwajimaya - what else can i say. i don't mean to be at all insensative - no offense meant. today, after some walking and much needed procrastinating, we headed west to checkoug what some refer to as "Asian market disneyland."

But first...our morning began slowly as we chose to sleep in for the first time in 5 days. it was glorious. after waking and washing and starting coffee, we decided we didn't really want to stay in so we headed over to mississippi for some breakfast. at the corner of mississippi and skidmore, anna suggested the thai restaurant - being 10:30, it was not on the table. ack. our walk down mississippi took us to Gravy (too crowded), Bold Sky (closed - as you should be on saturday morning @ 10:30am), and then to Muddy's Coffee House (didn't offer what we wanted.) on the way, we said hi to the chickens @ Pistal's Nursery and then shuffled in to Salty's Dog Shoppe in Mississippi Commons. little did we know, she was actually open yet - we were 5 minutes early. i liked it and we plan on returning. so, where was I? well, we're still hungry and n. mississippi was not sating our hunger. at this time, anna suggested the thai restaurant again, so we cruised back up there and realized it wasn't open until 11:30. it was now 10:50, so we needed to occupy our time. we needed some coffee, so proceeded up n. mississippi/albina to killingsworth by PCC to Abby Cafe. it seemed a proper locale as by the time we went there and back, the thai restaurant would be open. we were dissapointed in the Abby Cafe. anna ordered a non-fat iced latte and they screwed it up. how do you screw up the difference between fat and not fat milk? also, the guy was a bit off - we weren't sure what his story was. probably won't go back.
on the return trip, we went down n. borthwik to skidmore. n. borthwick is a great quiet street. one house had a euphorbia the size of a vw beetle (1960's era.) not only that, but a few houses down, there was another euphobia the size if monaco....

after much needed substanence of thai food, we got back home and decided we needed to get Frodo a collar - i won't go into the details, but it was like shopping for the perfect pair of shoes - he just wasn't satisfied with our choices.frodo2

Uwajimaya- i'm finally there. Uwajimaya is an amazing place. everything you would ever need in an asian market they had. candy, dishes, a bookstore, utensils, noodles, sauces, etc. i was overwhelmed. think of the local asian market and times it by 100. we spent a good hour there going down every isle to make sure we took it all in. i did have my camera, but felt a bit strange taking photos of everything.
ever hear of jack daniel's coffee?

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