Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Alberta Last Thursday April 2005

on thursday, april 28, my two kids and a and i ventured east to the "alberta arts district" for thier last thursday event. last thursday is alberta's foray into the art scene. the event is actually a few years old and from what i remember, it was the second "thursday" event after first thursday in the Pearl (john hausman voice.) now, every neighborhood has a first, second or last something. mississippi just began 2nd thursday music walk. i'm not against such events, just change the moniker.
we enjoyed our walk with the pups. they were troopers and everyone loved them. we only had one issue with another dog and it ended up being a small dog- go figure. the vendors were out in force and so were the families. the last time we attended, i don't remember seeing so many babies or women pregnant. i was forced to censor myself a little because there were soo many. i guess it's good. you can't support a community with young hipsters forever. we walked from around 15th all the way down to 25th and back. Some photos of the event. I chose to photog some building that are still awaiting development. i wonder which one will become the gap or starbucks.
future gap?
future starbucks?

oh, and i forgot. we visited our favorite pet store- Healthy Pets NW - and the owner was performing with her band. further, they had some wonderful art displayed called Phodogophry.
Healthy Pets NW

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