Friday, May 06, 2005

Gaston collection

Gaston collection
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not sure if i'm up to telling you about my day - it was good mind you, but i'm a bit tired this evening. fridays are usually movie night or just veg in front of tv night with bottle of wine. mind is usually mush and plans are cancelled. i digress.
today, whilst walking to powell's books, we came accross this interesting sale. an empty storefront in the "music" building that reminds me of france had been turned into a makeshift gallery of vintage movie posters and other items. the purpose of the show was to show off a collection of hand painted movie advertisments from the Gaston collection. according to the information provided, the stuff on the right was not known about for almost 50 years while it sat in a garage. the pieces shown are hand painted and were used to entice people to come to movies back in the day. i'm not a vintage movie fan, but i appreciate the art aspect of most things. these posters were amazing. most of the posters i was attracted to were the campy ones. these were so over the top, i can't believe they were truly movies that people paid for.
a few examples:
night of the quarter moonhouse on telegraph hill

and the riskay:
movie poster 1

the gallery also had other items that were part of thier collection. signed vintage star photos and signs for movie theaters. i was most impressed by the vintage western movie posters.

vingage movie stuff

to be honest, i want to go down and pick up a few of these posters for the campyness of them. the challenge is timing. the show is only May 5-8 and we're going out of town tomorrow morning for my sister-in-law's wedding. yeh April!

so, further on the walk, i came accross the Clyde Hotel. as i was crossing the street, i remembered reading that the Clyde was to be remodeled into a new class hotel. in seattle's belltown district, there's the ACE hotel, a modern hotel catering to the young and hip visitors. if i understand it correctly, the Clyde will be portland's ACE hotel. cya clyde, godspeed into oblivion:
clyde hotel

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