Wednesday, May 25, 2005

N. Portland farmer's market at Overlook park

The sun has finally arrived and we have our own neighborhood farmer's market. I had a long day that is probably still not finished (phone calls @ 1 am probably) so I hopped off MAX @ Overlook park to partake in my own neighborhood market. the usual farmer's markter fare - fresh cheese, fresh veggies x 3, organic vegitable starts and plants. also, there were booths supporting neighborhood efforts and some small businesses. i was excited eventhough i was not in the best of moods. now, they just need someone selling a cold beer....
earlier in the day, i walked over to the n. park blocks downtown and walked through the portland farmer's market. i almost bought a tomatillo start, but wanted to wait and give the neighborhood locale a chance. alas, i'm now @ home without a tomatillo start. no loss.
portland farmer's market downtown

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