Monday, May 23, 2005

N. Mississippi rising - further...

rebuilding center
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the rebuilding center, a wonderful place to spend some cash - has grown and come into its own. i remember going to the rebuilding center years ago and picking up amazing wood and fixtures and such. now, you really have to be diligent or imaginative to pick up the good stuff. if you don't know, the rebuilding center is a location here in portland where you can purchase used building materials like windows, doors, light fixtures, hardwood flooring, cabinets, and lumber. when we were redoing some framing on our 1890s victorian, i had to salvage some real 2x4 studs. back in the day, they were actually 2" x 4", today, they are 1 3/8" x 3 5/8".
i digress. i wanted to show you a before and after, but only have the before, so I'll show you some other locations "before" and later, we'll check out the afters....
great view for future condos
this is a vacant lot on N. Fremont/Mississippi with amazing views of the freeway overpasses, downtown and the west hills. it appears there were a couple or 3 houses here at one time. according to recent news in the portland tribune, it was purchased by a local developer for condos. i think the price was $300,000. wow, that's cheap. we'll keep you posted on the progress.

not the best photo of this building, but the only one i have. i've been amazed that this building hasn't been snatched up by someone. at n. mississippi/interstate, right in front of the max tracks, it's a large building with parking. i could easily see it as a restaurant/bar/night club. i also think with max so close, it could attract the pre-game/pre-concert crowd going to the rose garden only one max stop away. hmmm, maybe i could make it a chihuahua refuge.....

amnesia brewing
well, the question isn't what will it be, because it already is.... congrats to Amnesia Brewing on it's 1 yr anniversary this past weekend. well done friends. i feel special in that my buddy and i were some of the first patrons to the new brewery. i love supporting the hood. check out thier new imperial IPA if in the neighborhood.

also, welcome to nopo GNOME - @ Mississippi Commons.
also, welcome to nopo Laughing Planet Burrito - @Mississippi Commons.

lastly, the sun is out and i'm gonna get out and walk. my usual route home from work takes me accross the steel bridge and up n. williams to fremont and then mississippi. i'll have a backpack on, so if you want to stalk me or just call me out, do so. i want to meet my hoodies.

jack baur isn't dead.
but toliver may be.

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