Thursday, May 19, 2005

out of context

i'm not myself this morning. life is throwing me a curveball right now - my own actions have caused it - so, i'm trying to figure out how to work with this weighing on my mind. all i can say is i'm sorry.

cooked dinner last night for our buddy tige who was in town for work. he took us out on tuesday night, so i thought i would return the favor with home cookin'. we had pepper seared tuna with chopped up fennel frawns (farm share), garlic tops (farm share) and fava beans (farm share). a salad of butter lettuce and spinach (both farm share), some bread and steamed kale (farm share.) you seeing a pattern here? yup, we got our bag of veggies from the farm on tuesday and went to town. it was excellent and so fresh tasting. i'm sooooooo looking forward to the next 6 months of eating.

star wars episode III, revenge of the sith.

i just wanted to post that because then i may get google hits. we're going to see it, but i haven't been a star wars geek since my childhood when we hung out outside in line to see empire strikes back. i had the toys, but blew or burned them all up as a kid. oh well. i still think my childhood friend ended up with all my star wars cards......

woke up this morning to a police shooting in downtown. luckily it wasn't down the street from my home (that's happened before.) fox portland had the most coverage with cameras on the scene. i always love to see a body with a tarp over it and pools of blood @ 7am before i've had coffee. way to go tv news!

tonight we're going to a low dough show @ dante's. it's with earlimart, okervile road and climber, a few bands we like and are interested in seeing live. i'll give you the rundown after the show.

enjoy the day. sun is coming.


Queen Bee Speller said...

Dude. It's fennel *fronds*.

And it's Okkervil River.

Nancy said...

The SUN is here!!!