Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Items of Interest

haven't taken many pictures lately, the rain has me in a little funk. when may comes, i want sun, not this hard rain for 3 days straight. oh well, i'll survive. according to cnn, we're to have sun this weekend. too bad i won't be in puddletown to enjoy it.

what's new? well, my sis-in-law got married last saturday in a wonderful ceremony up in WA. it was one of those casual affairs where just the families are involved. i was excited to hear that the groom's 2 sets of grandparents would be in attendance and the bride's 1 set would be there also - 3 sets of grandparents. wow. this is shocking to me because my last grandparent died something like 15 years ago and i'm only a few years older than this couple. when we arrived, it was a bit overcast and sprinkly. this concerned me as the ceremony was to be out on the uncovered deck. about 10 minutes before 2, it was sprinkling and people were anxious, but then the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun came out - for a total of 30 minutes for the ceremony and pictures. god has his ways of blessing people. we then ate and drank to our hearts content. everyone loved our arugula/lemon/olive oil/parmesian salad. i loved the champagne. we decided not to stay overnight and cramp the newlywed's style.
sunday brought mother's day and each of our families celebrations. not much news - standard stuff.
this coming weekend is the 4th in our month of family committments - we're heading up to yakima for a nephew's christening. it should be a fun time for all. we're bringing the dogs too - they love a farm.

items this week:
if you look in the Willamette Week for this week, page 38, i guess i'm DJ-ing @ the greek on thursday - DJ Brett, sounds good huh?
Saturday the 14th is Alberta's art hop - about 20 blocks of art and performance and a parade. fun for all. say hi to the people @ bink's.

Reminder - Overlook Farmer's Market opens next Wedenesday - May 18.

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