Tuesday, May 03, 2005

New development on N. Interstate?

interstate old house
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the overlook neighborhood association left thier newsletter on my porch last week. i keep telling myself i need to go to thier meetings, but never do. i'm not the best neighbor.... well, in there, there was a cryptic message about representatives from "Overlook Heights" making a presentation or something. what's overlook heights? let's google it. overlook heights (will open a word document from the city) is going to be a new development on N. Shaver/Interstate, on the east side of MAX and south of The Alibi. the house to the right is one of the buildings that would be raised to make way for the following:

from the zoning document referenced above:

The applicants indicate the purpose for the requested amendments is to allow the development of 28 to 36 dwelling units and 6,000 to 7,000 square feet of ground level commercial space.

what should we make of this? currently, we have the following on the rest of the land:
marions furniture n. interstate and dead gas station

i don't mind getting rid of the gas station/ford model t repair shop, nor will i miss the old marions furniture building which by the way i have never seen a sould in. what i will miss is the old victorian house. it's got good bones and instead of moving it, i could see them just tearing it down - hmmmm - just had an idea......... move it. hmmmmmm.

secondly, 28-36 dwelling units. i won't go into it, but we already have some cheap apartments in the hood. we don't need more.

i am glad to see development though, all of it is part of the major plan for n. interstate now that max is in. even Kaiser is building a new building for radiation treatment and a new parking garage. as i was walking home yesterday, i looked into the construction side and there was a little kitty walking amongst the steel beams, checking things out.

lastly - future home of North Portland Farmer's Market:
future farmers market
sorry it's so dark, my camera is getting a bit wonky.

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