Sunday, May 29, 2005

Elephant house- washington Park

elephan house
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happy three day weekend. hope you enjoyed the pictures of my little walk in the woods with phoebe. we were at a bar-b-que for a friend's birthday at The Elephant House in washington park in the west hills. washington park is the location of the rose garden, hoyt arboretum, the zoo, the forestry center a lot of trees and trails. such a beautiful place. our friend beth told us the elephant house is a structure left over from an original location of the zoo. it's a great place to picnic and chill on a sunny day.

elephant house 2

the past two evenings have been spent at a local club called the Towne Lounge over off w. burnside @ 20th. the place is pretty cool with a great small club feeling. we were there to see a band called spindrift. since someone i know loves the brian jonestown massacre more than life itself, we had to see this band as the lead singer used to play with mr. newcomb of bjm. the band was pretty cool - spagetti western like. i fell asleep around 1am on friday night, but we decided to see a repeat performance on saturday night and had a good time. will we go again tonight? hmmmmmmmmmm. maybe.

i've been a busy beaver in the front yard also. i got a yard of barkdust and spread it around the beds and made everything look perty. today, i patronized the home despot for some more plantness and i am really happy with how things are turning out. i'll take some pictures a little later.

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