Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Portland Farmer's Market May 4 2005 #3

ooh, red things....they look good with my green coat....a christmasy theme....

so, i visited the opening day of Portland's Farmer's Market (is that punctually correct?) wow, i can't tell you how excited i was to see all the fresh vegetables, greens, and fruits. there were booths with veggie starts, flowering plants and bulbs. there were booths with fresh beef, lamb, cheese (both goat and cow), and even freshly churned butter. there were booths catering to the downtown crowd with fresh lunch like burritos, and fresh pastries for dessert. Pearl Bakery, one of my fav's was there wit fresh bread, along with other smaller bakeries with other amazing treats. i was sooooo tempted to fill a bag full of veggies as there were sooooo many available - cilantro, asparagus, chard (multiple kinds) and early potatos and root veggies. i was timid though as we haven't been the best at home cooking lately. we need to get in the groove soon as we'll be beginning our farm share soon and once that starts, it's either stay home and enjoy the fresh organic veggies, or throw money in the toilet (or bury in the dirt.) also, we're getting our own Farmer's Market in NoPo on May 18. I'm sooooo excited.
Portland Farmer's Market May 4 2005

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