Sunday, May 29, 2005

dog on leash

dog on leash
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sometimes i feel like an urban vigilante. last night, luckily it wasn't crazy hot. we began the evening with the windows open, but around 9pm, we realized a local dog was barking and whining loudly and had been for awhile. i grabbed a flashlight and walked accross the street to check on the dog and it was in the front yard chained to a tree. no one was around. we decided to head to our show, but when we returned, the dog was still there, barking and whining. we called the police, but there wasn't anything they could do since the dog wasn't injured or hurting anyone.
8hrs later, the dog was still whining loudly, so i went out to see if it was ok and it had managed to squeeze through the wrought iron fence and was now trapped on the sidewalk. it was then i called animal control to report this emergency situation. no one was around and the dog has been abandoned for at least 12 hrs tied to the tree. i grabbed some water to bring it over, but spooked the dog and she got out of her collar. this is an agressive and frightened dog, so i scampered back home to await the animal control.
they luckily showed up within a few minutes and corraled the dog and took it away.
a couple hours later, a woman showed up at the apartment screaming the dog's name out and running around. part of me wanted to watch her squirm and get freaked out and sad, but inside, I knew that wasn't right, so i walked over and informed her that animal control had come by to take the dog a few hrs ago. she was distraught, and when i told her the dog was barking and whining all night, she apologized with some bullshit answer about it being her daughter's dog and she didn't think it would be an issue leaving it for the night.
who the fuck leaves a dog chained to a tree in 80 degree weather for 15 hrs with no water or food.
dog on leash 2


Nancy said...

I hate people sometimes... I do dog resuce and I can't believe someone would leave the beautiful dog all alone like that tie outside... My dogs live like kings. Again.. I hate people sometimes.

Brett is was nice of you to bring that poor girl water, and it was even better that you called animal control.... you saved her from being hit by a car. You are a saint for helping her.

Ghost Dog said...

Pretty messed up of that person to do that to that dog. Good for you for helping out.